Angela Ferraiolo ||


Interactive movies running on gaming technologies.

These movies are interactive media hybrids or movies that work like games. They combine live footage, animation, sound, and algorithmic text and are designed for mobile tablets or the web.

  • Movies for Hard Times
    (2014, in 30 mins episodes, hybrid, color, sound, interactive)
    In development for Android tablets. Twenty-four half hour episodes:
    #1 Movie of the Plausible Explanation
    #2 Movie of Nothing to Eat
    #3 Movie of Constant Worry
    #4 Movie of the Dead Soldier
    #5 Movie of a Doomed Generation
    #6 Movie of the Famous Bullets
    #7 Movie of the Suitcase
    #8 Movie of the Precarious Worker
    #9 Movie of the Same Old Story
    #10 Movie of the Missing Girls
    #11 Movie of the Late Payment
    #12 Movie of the Lost Ideal
    #13 Movie of Ambition
    #14 Movie Without a Hero
    #15 Movie About Ice
    #16 Movie of Our Economists
    #17 Movie of No Good Luck
    #18 Movie About Amnesia
    #19 Movie of a Robbery
    #20 Movie of Nowhere to Sleep
    #21 Movie of Happier Times
    #22 Movie of War & Peace
    #23 Movie of the Black Cloud
    #24 Movie of the Careerists

  • The End of Capitalism
    (2009, 45 mins, Hybrid/Color/Sound/Interactive)
    Fictional account of the collapse of the US Banking System.

  • Party
    (2008, 24mins, Hybrid/Color/Sound/Interactive)
    Direct cinema of the digital age.

  • A Story About America
    (2008, 45 mins, Hybrid/Color/Sound/Interactive)
    Remix of government advice on sound economic behavior.